Paying Good Forward and The Power of Social Media



Change Your Heart to Change The World by Paying Good Forward!

Over the past few months, I have been inspired by tons of people to Pay Good Forward! I LOVE the fact that I can help multiple people and organizations through the use of social media! (Especially since I work full time and I’m a mom to 3 VERY active boys.) You don’t need money and you don’t even have to leave your house to spread the message of the importance of Paying Good Forward! The power of a simple kind gesture like complimenting someone or saying “Hi” can change someone’s day!



Wake up



Ask Yourself “How Can I Help Make Someone Smile Today?”

We can’t change the world without changing our selves, and we can’t change others minds if we can’t change their hearts! It’s as simple as thinking, “How can I help others today?” and get activated! As a mom, I do my best each day to lead by example and show my children how important it is to help others. It’s so hard to keep a positive outlook on life sometimes, trust me I know! How do I do it?

Here are some ways I try to stay positive:

  • I stay off of social media and read a book, play with my kids, go for a walk and “regroup”.
  • Take a step back and look at everything I DO have & remind myself how lucky I am!
  • Write my goals down on paper and brainstorm ways on how I will achieve them!
  • Re-watch “The Vampire Diaries” ALWAYS puts me in a better mood! (Put on one of your favorite shows or movies)
  • Put on some music (most likely Michael Malarkey’s EP “Feed The Flames will be on!)
  • Research topics I’m interested in to learn more and then find a way to do something to help!

I find when I keep myself busy with trying to help other people and organizations, the passion in my heart EXPLODES and my mood instantly changes!



Social Media



ALL of Us Are Heroes! Get Activated and Pay Good Forward!

There is so much that we can ALL do to help make the world a better place. It starts with just 1 simple act of kindness. “Pay Good Forward” is such a powerful phrase that I came across from the AMAZING team at Goody Awards! I’m taking that phrase and running with it!

Here are just a few things that I am working on to help make the world better, on and off social media.

  • Supporting Ian Somerhalder Foundation’s Mission EVERY DAY- “empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.”
  • Recently Designated as Volunteer Ambassador for Dogs 4 The Deaf
  • Recently joined Bekki Meek and Craig Edwards as the US Ambassador for TCEP (The Craig Edwards Project) Right now trying to get donations for the back pack project where we are filling backpacks up with essentials to help homeless people in the UK stay warm, & some food etc.
  • Just approved to volunteer at local ASPCA 4 hours/week!
  • Working on my Michael Malarkey fan site  promoting his music and concerts. Giving away tickets to his gigs & doing TVD Merchandise giveaways!
  • Helping promote BOB/Dena Somerhalder’ s new and AWESOME game “Somerhalder Secrets” app- by giving away prizes to people who purchase it!
  • I started my “Mission Recognition” where I’m giving Hero Goody necklaces and awarding them to people across the globe doing great things! Check out all my Global Citizens I’ve tagged here!
  • Helping Goody Awards promote and LIVE their mission and promoting their “Pay Good Forward Movement” of course!
  • Thanks to Years of Living Dangerously Series and James Cameron, the month of November I’ll be attempting to go Plant Based! NO MEAT products for me and will be researching how not eating meat effects the environment! (Pros/cons).

Check out this video about why James Cameron (Executive Producer) made the decision to change to a Plant Based diet!



YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY: Mark Bittman visits James Cameron to discuss a powerful solution to climate change from Roaring Fork Films on Vimeo.




Impact The World


Always Follow Your Dreams!

Knowing I’ve made someone smile keeps me doing what I do. I TRY to ignore some of the push back and lack of support from others and follow my heart. Just like my many idols and inspirations continue to follow their hearts and passions, so will I. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger NEVER “escaped” from boot camp to go to that competition, he most likely wouldn’t have become ” Mr. Universe” or “The Terminator” or even Gov. of CA! What if Ian Somerhalder just sat back and watched as the BP oil spill destroyed his land and all the creatures and didn’t do anything? We wouldn’t have ISF and I most likely wouldn’t have joined Twitter-verse and I wouldn’t be writing this!

How about if Joel Bach and David Gelber never followed through with their ideas to produce Years of Living Dangerously? The world would STILL be in the dark about Climate change, including MYSELF! Go to their page about how we can ALL help combat climate change

Yes, you will run into a TON of “road blocks”, mentally, physically and emotionally BUT the main thing is to NEVER GIVE UP! Just as Ian Somerhalder always reminds his fans, find your passion and don’t let anything or anyone stop you!

Paying Good Forward is MORE than just a phrase, it’s a way of life! We have the tools at our fingertips to help each other make the world a better place!






Thank you to a few of my inspirations to keep Paying Good Forward are:

Liz Kelly (Founder of Goody Awards)
Ian Somerhalder (and EVERYONE involved with Ian Somerhalder Foundation)
Joel Bach, David Gelber and James Cameron ( and the ENTIRE Years of Living Dangerously Team!)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (my idol for the past 22 years!)
Ellen DeGeneres (she LIVES to help others & inspires me to do the same!)

Pay Good Forward and Be Recognized As A “Global Citizen” Just Like Ian Somerhalder!


ian goody


Ian Somerhalder “Global Citizen”- Remember Why Goody Awards Awarded Him With A Golden Goody?!

I first came across the Goody Awards, on Twitter when I saw Ian Somerhalder was given a very special Goody Award, the Golden Goody Award. The Golden Goody Award is like an Oscar or Golden Globe for Social Good. This award was a result of Ian’s (5.11 MILLION) fans who constantly nominate and recognize him for all the good he does in the world along with his foundation, The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. (Click on the link to learn more about ISF)

Check out Ian’s “Thank You” speech  in this video interview!



Ian has earned many awards and titles over these past few years and all of them have been well deserved! He is a prime example, that by being compassionate towards all, being passionate about helping others, the planet and creatures, and expressing the importance of educating people of ALL ages, you can change the world! Our youth are our most valuable minds, like Ian Somerhalder says:

The most underused, under-appreciated group of people in the world is our youth.

Having Ian as a role model for our youth and people of ALL ages is just awesome news! You don’t have to be a celebrity like Ian Somerhalder in order to make a difference in the world. You just have to take action and do something positive and “Pay Good Forward”!



Male crew_option 1


The Importance Of “Paying Good Forward” In Today’s Society!

Every time I turn on the news all I see is violence, anger and sadness. I don’t watch it anymore! I won’t let my 9 year old son watch it either. I don’t want him to know about all the horrific events that are taking place in this world, not at 9 years old. He has such a big heart ( a lot like his mom) that he cries knowing others are suffering or that kids are hurting each other. I want to be able to turn on the TV and see the GOOD happening in the world.

There are good people, doing great things all across the world, but unfortunately all the negative news keeps them in the shadows. I personally feel, if the spotlight was focused more on the good maybe just maybe more people would “Pay Good Forward”. That’s exactly what Liz Kelly, founder of the Goody Awards , strives to promote and highlight on a daily basis! They have been a HUGE inspiration in my life over these past few months, and have inspired me to always find the good in people and make sure they know how I feel!





How Can You”Pay Good Forward” And Be A “Global Citizen?

There are so many ways you can “Pay Good Forward” and make a difference in someone’s life! By buying the person in the car behind you a coffee, giving someone a ride to work, offering to help carry their groceries to their car, donating to a worthy cause, dropping food off at a local food bank or as simple as saying “THANK YOU!”. When you are compassionate towards others, humans, creatures or the environment, no matter how “small” the gesture, you are making the world a better place! When people feel appreciated, or loved they in turn want to do the same for others. Ian Somerhalder truly has inspired me to make others feel loved and appreciated for doing good in this world.

I want to continue to inspire others to “Pay Good Forward” and recognize the good in this world! Through The Goody Awards, you can purchase “Hero Goody Necklaces” to give to people who you consider to be “Global Citizens” (like Ian Somerhalder) who are making a difference in the world. The Goody Awards’ mission is “to inspire positive change by recognizing good in the world and reinforce the power of taking action”. I’ve “hopped on board” the Pay Good Forward” movement and started my own “mission”!

“Mission Recognition”!



Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis



What Is “Mission Recognition” ?!

From now until October 31, 2014 I will be recognizing up to 20 people who are “Paying Good Forward” and “Tagging” them as a “Global Citizen”! I know how it feels to not feel appreciated or recognized for doing something good for someone. IT SUCKS! I want to see more smiles and less tears. I want people to feel appreciated for all the good they do each day! My “Mission Recognition” is my way to show people that they do matter, that all their actions (there are no such things as “small actions”) do make a difference in the world. Here is the scoop!

From July 21st through October 31st, I will be “tagging” people as “Global Citizens” with a Hero Goody necklace! (50% of Goody Awards profits from these necklaces will go to Free The Children right away!) DO something GOOD for someone else, the environment, or creatures and send me your story! You can include pictures of an event you put together to help a worthy cause or a picture of an animal you adopted! (Remember, adopt don’t shop!) Email me your stories at and over the next few months I’ll send you an AWESOME Hero Goody Necklace (like the one pictured above) that you can wear with pride!

The more people who feel appreciated and loved, the more GOOD actions and changes will be made in the world! Another AWESOME way to make someone feel appreciated is to nominate them for 1 of 5 Goody Awards! Click here to go to the nomination page! At the end of every month, the person with the most nominations wins that category for the month! Each winner gets tweeted a Certificate so they can print it out and always look at it and feel loved!




Be Inspired, Get Activated and Be The Change!


Follow me on Twitter – @krmayer27, Goody Awards- @GoodyAwards and Ian Somerhalder @Iansomerhalder (although I think the ENTIRE world already follows him!) and most importantly follow your heart!!


Giveaways, Awards, Smiles, Hugs, A Tattoo and “SELFIES” with Ian Somerhalder ?!


Ian Hoodie

Ian Somerhalder is Changing The World, 1 Smile at a Time!

We all have had our fair share of horrible days! Maybe you ran out of hot water and had to take a cold shower, or your car wouldn’t start, you shut your finger in your car door, you walked into a door, you gave your coffee order to the garbage can, someone cut you off on the highway, or you woke up feeling unappreciated (ALL of those things have happened to me … and on the same day!) It’s amazing that with just one word, one kind gesture or even a simple SMILE, it can make even the worst of days better.

Ian Somerhalder has this effect on MILLIONS of people across the world, and I’m one of them! This is my story on how Ian is changing the world, 1 smile at a time!





Who Am I ?

Well, I am a very compassionate and empathetic person… although most of my life I have been seen as having those traits as weaknesses. I’m 23 (just kidding.. I’m 32) I’m a mother of 3 wonderful boys, I’m caring, I’m sensitive at times, I’m compassionate, I’m empathetic (not Pathetic), I’m motivated, I’m kind, I’m funny, I’m short, I’m “overly healthy”, I’m clumsy, I’m generous, I’m considerate, I’m loyal, I’m honest, I’m shy, and most importantly …. I’M JUST ME! I enjoy seeing others smile. Knowing I’m the reason for that smile on their face at that moment, is what makes my heart happy. I go out of my way to make others happy and to see them smile. Ian goes above and beyond what’s “expected” of him as a celebrity and a human!

A LOT of people have taken my kindness for granted and all I got in return was heartache, BUT it hasn’t and will NOT stop me from doing anything I can to make others feel appreciated and happy! The world has too much sadness and violence in it. If I can help bring a smile to someones face, they in turn might do the same to someone else causing a chain reaction of smiles and compassion! Let’s add more smiles to the world, less anger. Let’s laugh more (at me or with me as long as your laughing… I don’t care!) and cry less. LOVE more and hate less. Make the world better just by being compassionate to each other. Ian goes out of his way to do just this!



Ian Award



The “A World of Thanks” Project for Ian Somerhalder Was a SUCCESS!

In order to thank Ian for all the smiles he has created across the world and for putting the “spark” back in my life, I wanted to give him a special award from all of his fans! I had posted back in March The “A World of Thanks” project. There are a couple reasons why I wanted to do this. I wanted to gather some “Thank You” messages from Ian’s fans from around the world and put them together into a book (not all 5 MILLION as that would NOT be “GREEN”) so Ian could have it and always look back as to how he is changing people’s lives around the world. Click this link which will bring you to my Shutterfly page and you can view it or order 1 for yourself!

To go along with the book, I thought an award of some sort would be great! I decided on a globe award, as it fit the title to the project! This award is pretty cool… the base has 3 solar powered panels on it, so when in light the globe rotates! Totally up his alley!! Instead of engraving it with “Love Kelly” I had it engraved to say “Love, Your Fans”! Why not just put my name? Well, that would be selfish! MILLIONS of people feel the same way I do about Ian, so of course it should say from his fans! We ALL come together across the globe to support him in everything he does, because we all know the destination he is going to, is where we all want to go! That’s why I support The Ian Somerhalder Foundation!  I do my best to live each day by their mission! “Educate, Empower and to positively impact the planet and it’s creatures!”   





The Ian Somerhalder Foundation ~ Enhancing Lives Globally!

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Mission, that everyone involved with ISF and Ian LIVE by, should be every state and countries motto! Imagine if EVERYWHERE you went, people were committed to educating each other and empowering each other to positively impact the planet AND it’s creatures! BUH BYE Poaching, c-ya later terrorism, GOOD BYE COAL! We’d be saying HELLO Clean Energy, NO MORE endangered animals,  and “HELLO BROTHER” to everyone we meet!! That’s the kind of world I want to live in and with everyone involved with The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, I see myself already there!

I wanted to thank all the Community Crews for starting a Crew and for spreading the word through social media about ISF’s mission but also to thank them for everything they do outside of social media! I wanted to make sure they all felt appreciated as I know 1st hand what it’s like to feel unappreciated. I created a “Certification of Appreciation” and sent it to all registered Community Crews! Now, I know the certificates didn’t come from Ian himself, and they are not associated at all with ISF but from a fellow supporter/fan and person who wants change to happen in this world just like them…. but I still hope it means something to them and makes them smile!I

Here’s what it looks like!


ISF Certificate


I wanted to help support ISF so, I started an ISF Community Crew- ISF Be The Change! (Go to the ISF site to find out more information on how you can get INVOLVED) This certificate is from my crew and myself to let everyone know their hard work fundraising, community projects, and just being nice to other is appreciated!  (Check out my birthday fundraiser on Crowdrise and donate!) The easiest way to make a change, is to speak up! Start a conversation with someone you don’t know, because as I found out… it just might change your life!



Ian Selfie


Always Expect Something WONDERFUL Is About To Happen!

The words “Want to take a “selfie?” I NEVER thought would come out of Ian Somerhalder’s mouth… to me! At least not when I’m conscious! It totally happened though! Read my story on how I got 2 “selfies” with Ian at TVDNJ last weekend,  hereI won’t go into details about what happened in this post, but the moral of this story is.. ALWAYS expect that something wonderful is about to happen! As I mentioned before… you never know what will happen during the day. The person you’re talking to could change your life or you could end up changing theirs! Start a conversation with someone, speak up about what you believe in and what makes you… SMILE! Follow your heart and don’t try to be someone you’re not, because if you do the world is missing out on the AMAZING someone you already are! 

I want to make as many people as I can feel the same way that Ian has made me! His compassion he has to MILLIONS of people and countless animals is nothing less than heroic! There needs to be more compassion in this world, and even though I’m just 1 person from a small town in NH, I know with every smile I can create, is a step closer to a better world!






YOU Can Make The World Better Just By Being YOU!

There are so many ways that each and every one of us can make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are. We HAVE to first make the change within ourselves. If we can’t do that, then nothing will change. Once you realize how important it is to be compassionate towards all people, all creatures AND the planet… changes will happen! Do yourself a favor and go to ISF’s website. Read the amazing and inspiring stories on there. Be INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to make a change this world needs. It can’t happen without each and every one of us working TOGETHER! I’m tired of watching the news and seeing such horrible events going on. I want to turn the news on and let my 9 year old watch it and not cry! This life we are given is very short (like me) so while we are here, let’s make it count.

I owe so much to Ian Somerhalder, all of the AMAZING ISF Family members and to all of his fans too! With every tweet that Ian posts that gets retweeted, possibly 5.11 MILLION of his followers see it … the potential to make change happen is there, we just need to DO SOMETHING and take action before it’s too late! Ian has inspired me to use my voice and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Meeting him has kept me smiling for a week straight, but the impact he made on my heart and life… will last a lifetime! (AND so will the tattoo I got last night!) :-)



who are u


Who Are You and What How Are You Changing The World?

I want to know who are you? What are you doing to make the world a better place? How are you inspiring others to do the same? How has Ian impacted your life? Leave me a comment below and let me know! I’ll feature a bunch of stories on my next post! Send me a picture of yourself doing something GOOD for others! Make someone SMILE! Show compassion towards someone or something! There is good in all of us, we just need to make the choice to use it! The first 10 people to send me a picture/story of how you made someone smile or helped an animal or the planet, I will personally send you (I don’t care what country you live in!)  a very cool “Tag Good Necklace” from Goody Awards! That way you can wear it proudly and know you are making a difference! Tweet your picture/story and tag me @krmayer27 @goodyawards AND @iansomerhalder!!


Here’s what it looks like! (Just the necklace, not the crystal award.. sorry!)


ian goody

Endangered Species Have No Fear.. Ian Somerhalder is HERE!

Ian elephant

African Elephants Have No Fear…Ian Somerhalder is HERE!


“An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts. In 1980, there were over 1,000,000 African elephants; today, there are less than 400,000.” -  

Does that statement make you sad or angry?! Does it make you feel helpless because you don’t think there is anything you can do to help? Do you feel alone in this fight with no leader to lead the war? Well, think again! It doesn’t matter what type of animal is in need of being saved, there is one person we can ALWAYS count on to raise his voice and take action on their behalf! I’m talking about Ian Somerhalder.  

Not only is Ian an environmentalist, constantly educating, empowering and activating people globally to save the planet (Ian was recently named UNEP Goodwill Ambassador) he’s also extremely passionate about helping any and ALL of the creatures on this planet. 



The ONLY “Animal” That Should Become Extinct Are Poachers!

By now I’m sure you have heard about the recent news of Sato, a beloved African Elephant who’s tusks were 6.5ft long and touched the ground, who was killed by poachers on May 30th. Looking for food, Sato ended up near the boundary of the park that’s a known poaching hot spot, and sadly killed. A question I have after I read that was, if it’s a “known poaching hot spot” then why can’t authorities surround that area to stop these murderers?! It infuriates me when I read about the senseless killings of any wild creature.

Twitter “blew up” with tweets about the horrific news. Ian was among the many, outraged by this tragedy.



It’s heartbreaking to see such a beautiful creature be killed in such a horrific way. Did you know that elephants have the largest brain of any land animal? They are smart, sentient, social, and empathetic, qualities that most humans constantly strive to obtain and sustain in this world. We have so much to learn from them but how can we if they are all gone? Elephants are being evicted out of their homes and running out of time fast!



Elephants trunks


Together We CAN Save Elephants!

If the world comes together, we CAN save elephants! How you ask? There are many ways we can help save these beautiful creatures and here are just a few examples I found on World Elephants Day website: Implementing stronger protection policies for wild elephants at both local and international levels of government. Better management of natural elephant habitats; better education about the vital role of the elephant in the ecosystem; reintroduction of captive elephants into protected sanctuaries that allow a natural replenishing of endangered populations. Numerous elephant conservation groups around the world are working together to try to prevent wild elephants from going extinct and to improve the quality of life those elephants in captivity.



Ian Washington DC



“We Cannot Progress As A Society, As A People If We Lack Compassion”

Do those words sound familiar? They should. Ian Somerhalder said it best. Without compassion in our hearts, what kind of a future are we building for our children? Unfortunately, poachers have no compassion and it’s time to take action NOW to stop poachers and ban the sale of Domestic Ivory. That’s just what Ian Somerhalder did today. Ian went to Washington, D.C. today to voice the urgency and importance of banning Domestic Ivory sales. He doesn’t just read the words written on the paper he holds, he speaks from his heart. Click the link below to watch Ian express his concern.





As you watch this video, really listen to the message he is relaying… you can feel just how passionate he is with every word he speaks. I truly hope his message sinks in with the subcommittee and that they become activated to take action NOW! I truly hope all 5 MILLION of Ian’s Twitter followers watches, listens and learns from this video. Spread the word, write letters to congress, speak up, get activated and if we work TOGETHER, I believe in my heart, we CAN save these beautiful and majestic creatures!

World Oceans Day- June 8th Join Ian Somerhalder Under water!




Celebrate World Oceans Day- June 8th with Ian Somerhalder!

We celebrated World Environment Day 2014 with the amazing Ian Somerhalder June 5th. The whole world joined in to congratulate Ian and watch him achieve yet ANOTHER goal. Now join the newly Official UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, for World Oceans Day… UNDER WATER!  SO COOL!! World Oceans Day is Sunday, June 8th and Chief Scientist Greg Stone and Mr. UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, are diving to Aquarius! What is Aquarius you ask? Aquarius is an underwater laboratory 63 feet BELOW the ocean in the Florida Keys! I didn’t know that even existed until today! Check out Aquarius, School of Environment for more information!

There, they’ll join ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau! In case you don’t know who this amazing man is, (FYI~ 1 of my idols!) the grandson of underwater explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau — who plans to live underwater for a record-breaking 31 days! Check out more information about this AWESOME adventure here!

Here’s a little video about #Misson31!


What is World Oceans Day all about?

On World Oceans Day people around the world celebrate and honor the ocean, which if you think about it, links us all together! Here are some fun facts about the World’s Ocean that you may or may not know:

* Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
* Helps feed us
* Regulates our climate
* Cleans the water we drink
* Offers a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
* Provides limitless inspiration!

We ALL need to protect our Ocean for all of the above reasons and many more! EVERYDAY should be World Ocean’s Day! Let’s keep our oceans healthy for our generation and generations to follow!

ian woe


Do YOU have a question for Ian, Greg or Fabien? Keep reading!

After the dive, Ian, Greg and Fabien will participate in a LIVE Google Hangout to talk ocean health issues and how many ways directly linked to our own health. I know right?! Ocean health issues linked directly to our OWN health? I never gave this much thought… until now that is. I can’t wait to watch this very educating and eye opening Ocean chat! I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of questions I want answered! Here’s YOUR chance to send in questions! How you ask?

Click on the link in Ian’s Tweet below:



What are you waiting for? If you have a ocean-related question for Ian, Greg or Fabien, submit it here by 10 a.m. EDT on Saturday, June 7 (TOMORROW) and you could be among THREE randomly selected winners to have your questions read LIVE during the Google Hangout. Get those questions in right now!



wod logo



Leave a comment below with ways you are going to celebrate World Oceans Day on Sunday June 7th!

Ian Somerhalder Desiginated as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador!


Ian Somerhalder to be designated as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador!

Environmentalist, Activist, Actor, President of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and now United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador! WOW! Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore, in the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries” on The CW, is on FIRE! Trying to keep up with all of his titles and new partnerships to help change the world, is as difficult as trying to keep track of what country he’s in! Every time I look on Twitter, Ian is off to help save the world in a different State/Country. It seems like within just this past month Ian has been all over the world from Brazil, to Barcelona, to Mexico City, Mexico, then back to Brazil, to NYC and just when I think he’s actually going to stay put for a while… he’s now in Barbados! What is he doing there you ask? Partaking in the World Environment Day 2014 Celebrations and being designated as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador!

Check out the awesome shout out Years of Living Dangerously and UNEP tweeted to congratulate Ian!




As Ian Somerhalder is designated as United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador, I gain a little more faith that we CAN save the planet! Ian is a remarkable leader! Yes, he’s an amazing speaker and when he talks you listen! More importantly, what makes Ian a great leader (in my eyes) is he turns his words into ACTION! We all need to take action starting right now!




Barbados Is as AMAZING as Ian is… why?

Did you know that this beautiful small Caribbean island, it’s also facing many challenges in regards to climate change? I didn’t know that! A huge challenge they are faced with is, climate-induced sea level rise and vulnerability to natural disasters. The country is progressively overcoming these challenges with it’s constant efforts in transitioning to a green economy! Barbados might be a small island, but they are certainly making BIG changes! Everyday we should all be making efforts in fighting to protect the planet, but on June 5th (World Environment Day) the world comes together to participate and celebrate our planet! Join Ian and MILLIONS across the globe through events on the ground in over 100 countries on World Environment Day!

Together we CAN make a difference and we WILL make the planet healthier and greener for our generation and generations to come!




Congratulations Ian Somerhalder on this amazing honor, you are a true sustainable caretaker for this planet!